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On a line enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

Now I wouldn’t call myself a permabear and I don’t think the world is being run by reptilians or aliens but I am a fan of Zerohedges work and whoever the hell the mysterious writer Tyler Durden is… (Fight Club Tyler Durden).

I’m not sure if its my naturally contrarian nature or the fact that they do really bring to the forefront some stories that are quite remarkable when you look into them, but this is a site I check most days.


It reports on anything from global economics, wall street, politics and world events. Also it has many articles examining the market with relevant research from some of the worlds best analysts.

This is definitely a resource that’s worth having on hand and I’d thoroughly recommend you check it out, if not only for the information but because of the crazy stuff they bring up.

Be warned though, you will go out, buy a crossbow and start hoarding gold bullion under your bed.

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