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Princes of the Yen

Princes of the yen gives a very interesting outlook on how central banks throughout the world have huge amounts of political and societal power that is often left unchecked and to whom they are accountable to no one but themselves.

It begins by discussing how the Japanese economy grew so rapidly after world war 2 it was deemed a miracle, yet there was all sorts of goings on within the Bank of Japan and their Ministry of finance that majorly skewed things over.

By skewed things get this, the relatively small country of Japan’s land was worth four times the value of the whole of the USAs land in the eighties… Now that is obviously just not the case, something was seriously off balance.

This documentary gives an insight into that and the stagnation that has hit Japan ever since their meltdown, their decline and how they may have used this to change the whole structure of the Japanese economy.

It then goes on to mention other more recent instances of central banks such as the ECB using their power to even change political structures.

Very interesting watch if you have a moment to broaden your viewpoint. Based on a book by Richard Werner which is definitely now on my reading list.

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