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The spider web: Britain’s second empire

“they are a protected species”

Cant say this documentary is very useful when it comes to trading but it’s an interesting watch. It starts with the story of a declining British empire that re-establishes itself as a financial power through all sorts of cunning means.

Until watching this that I knew much about the city of London and the power it wields within government even though its representatives are essentially unelected. Its also interesting to note that many that come from government go into the big banks and financiers or visa versa. You’ll laugh at who owns HMRCs buildings anyway.

The comments it makes about Africa and the developing countries are astonishing, Britain truly has built a second empire built on finance. Its no wonder many of the small islands and outposts throughout the world from the Cayman islands to Gibraltar all wish to remain British overseas territories even today.

Anyway I wont spoil anymore and let you take a look at where all the dirty money goes and stays…

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