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Reviewed: Flash Crash: A Trading Savant, a Global Manhunt, and the Most Mysterious Market Crash in History

“For years the money poured in. But when lightning-fast electronic traders infiltrated markets and started eating into his profits, Nav built a system of his own to fight back”

Not only an interesting book when it comes to learning a little more about the market but an immersive and fascinating story about this crazy ass Robin Hood kind of guy called Nav. This guy is a trader that’s a one in a million machine, one of these people you probably would have found in market wizards had he not hacked the system and annoyed many powerful people.

Starting off as a trader in a shabby prop shop in London he learned how to trade the markets and began to literally trade in the zone. After a while he leveraged up and basically started trading very successfully from his bedroom at his parents’ home, until the HFTs came along…

Then using his desktop PC he basically fooled all the multibillion dollar HFT funds and went on a bit of a crusade earning many millions in the process but at one point also wiping out billions of value in a matter of minutes.

The insane thing is that this is really only the genesis of the book, it gets even more bizarre and interesting as the story goes on.

Now if there’s anything to learn from this book it’s that yes you can make a massive wedge of cash from your bedroom at your mum and dads house, but you’ll be fighting a system that’s designed to take your money away and really is even less of an equal playing field than before.

To conclude, it’s an absolutely cracking story and is well worth a read, I definitely hope the plans to make this into a movie happen.

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