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“If HSBC where a country it would be the 5th world economic power “

A documentary all about HSBC, globalisation, dirty money and how its too big to jail.

This is a very good watch for this moment in time with all the hubbub going on with Hong Kong right now. What makes The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation incredibly interesting is its establishment in Hong Kong and headquarters in London as an incredibly effective mechanism for capital to flow from the west into China and vice versa.

The documentary covers some interesting facts about its creation, how it has had a massive impact on globalisation and of course it’s huge laundering of money by terrorists, drug lords, paedophile gangs and whomever else you wouldn’t like to meet anywhere let alone a dark alley.

It goes on about how the bank has huge influence over governments throughout the world and has made its shareholders very rich through some interesting means.

As I said at the beginning anyway, an interesting watch at this moment in time with Western Chinese relations deteriorating by the day to gauge what HSBC is and how western banks operate in China especially as it seems the bank has taken the Chinese side in the recent law changes there.

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